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Create photorealistic 3D models and hi-res seamless tileable 3D textures
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PhotoSculpt Textures is a professional image editing tool that allows you to create three-dimensional images using two photographs of the same subject that differ only in the angle they were taken from. The complete “sculpting” process - known as stereoscopic imaging – produces 3D images of extremely high quality, which you can later rotate, crop, and edit in many ways.

The whole conversion process is not a fast one, though from the user’s perspective it is fairly simple. The program requires you to load two digital images of the same object taken from the same location, though with a slight difference in angle. The idea is to simulate the different angles from which each of our eyes perceives an object. Thus, one of the photographs will be a frontal image, while the other will show a slightly different perspective of the same object - just move your camera a few degrees to the right and shoot again. The combination of these two images using PhotoSculpt Textures results in a highly realistic 3D rendition of the object. The more textured, and the higher the relief of the original subject, the more realistic the results will be.

This interesting tool also comes with some basic editing utilities that will let you rotate and crop your images. Besides, it offers you different views or “maps” of the image to let you better appreciate the 3D effect (occlusion map, specular map, displacement map, etc.).

Francisco Martínez
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  • High-quality 3D renditions of your digital photographs
  • Well-structured interface with a wide variety of maps


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